11 April 2011

Dog care tips

Some Dog Care Tips
  • Dogs should always be in collar. Even while bathing he should not be without the collar. A tag mentioning the name of the dog, the owners name and address should always be attached to the collar of the dog. Also use a leash when you are taking your dog out for a walk. If there is a swimming pool in your house make sure of training your puppy not to go close to the pool.
  • Your dog would need plenty of attention in order to make him more close to you. Especially if your dog is of a big size you are required to devote a considerable amount of time to increase the sense of attachment in-between you and your pet. Else, you will find abnormal behavioral changes in your dog.
  • You should take up effective steps to save your dog from the attack of fleas. You may even consult a vet doctor regarding how to get rid of fleas and heart worms. He might turn up with effective flea control suggestions like topical application of Advantage, Front line, Revolution, Sentinel and such. You are advised not to make use of flea collars as they can be dangerous for the health of your dog.
  • Make yourself update with all the vaccinations that are necessary for your dog. Visit the veterinary clinic for routine check up of your dog.
  • Give your dog to eat food items that are made up of pure ingredients. Choose the right dog food item that would have a balanced combination of nutrients like vitamins, protein, minerals and right amounts of calories. Some of dog’s food packets have excess of nutrients and calories that cause harm to the health of the dog. The amount of nutrition to be taken by a dog depends on the age, the breed and the level of activities carried out by your dog. So, be very particular about the nutritious diet that you should be giving to your dog.
  • Dogs are more susceptible to heat than you are. So, especially during the summer season provide your dog with a cool resting place and do not force your dog to run or walk with you or to perform exercises in case your dog is not willing to do so. Give them plenty of water to drink. If you find your dog to be feeling restless due to heat do not hesitate to contact a veterinary doctor as a heatstroke for dogs can be life threatening for them.
  • Make sure of spaying your dog or neutering if you are not willing to face pet over population. It is also beneficial for the health of the dog as well. You will find him to be less restless, aggressive as well as less susceptible to diseases like prostrate cancer and development of tumors related to hormonal activities. Get your male dog neutered when he reaches the age of 5 to 6 months. A female dog if neutered will not have to bear the emotional turmoil and the bleeding that takes place in every three months. The scent of a female when in heat may attract male dogs which are even miles away from

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  1. Nice blog! thanks for sharing information about dogs, i love my dog, its like a my baby. Dog care tips is very important to know.